Friday, March 20, 2009

Settle, Petal.

I love wearing all black with random color splashed into the outfit somehow. Usually I do it with a cardigan or scarf, BUT I happened to come across these when I typed "floral clothes" into Google (yeah, I have a weakness for floral stuff ;D)



Love them, hate them?
Not sure if I could pull them off, but I'd love to try!
Would you wear them?

[1]You'll find at TopShop
[2] You'll find at
River Island


  1. i'd wear them. :]
    and i know you'd pull them off.

  2. go for it, they're adorable
    I might have to buy a pair when I visit topshop for the first time

  3. I actually saw some floral tights the other day, they were so pretty! But I didn't get any. I think you would definitely suit them though.

  4. I'm not a skinny mini and I think you would have to be to pull these off. Or at least have amazing legs. I love them though and would totally wear them if I could actually be bothered to go to the gym!

  5. We've got some fabulous tights by Bebaroque at ShopCurious - do take a look. As for wearing aprons, now that's a curious idea!

  6. ha, i actually have the pair in the middle of row 2! I wear them all the time with my gold converse... contradicts the girlieness!