Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback Collection...

Back with bright colors, cartoons & clever word play messages, Clandestine Industries have re-launched!

are you buying it?
that questions meant in more ways than one, of course.


  1. You might be surprised, but I'm not buying it.
    In either sense of the word.

  2. not meaning to be purposefully offensive, but clandestine merch is starting to look like the type of stuff you can get at Jay Jay's

  3. HAHAHAHA. It is!
    I didn't notice before!
    God, that sucks.

  4. Clandestine Industries, eh?
    They're pretty alright, I would buy the shirt on the right and maybe wear it to sleep. Or maybe buy it in a bigger size and wear it with some cute leggings?