Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's all wear aprons out in public.

I think it's a good idea, do you?


  1. I just looked at your profile.
    I have never found anyone with as much in common as me.
    For example: I love art galleries, Chuck Palahniuk is my favourite author, I've been listening to The Beatles my entire life, and I drink tea like water. Andy Warhol is my favourite artist, both in what he created and what he said. In my opinion, Chuck Bass is the greatest character ever created. I love writing; poems, stories, songs, letters, everything. and I love art.
    I'm new to this blogging thing.
    and sometimes I don't know when to stop talking.

  2. it would be cute if it stopped at the black lining, the extra white makes it look stupid to me

  3. I agree -- aprons are fantastic accessories and should be worn frequently... i haven't been able to convince anyone else to jump on board with this idea yet though... =/